About Us

'Xtracare' as an organization is more like a practicing philosophy... a culture than a business entity. It has been conceived with the single-minded vision and focus towards providing quality and caring products to consumers at an affordable price. Over the months and years, we at Xtracare have constantly strived to deliver and uphold these values.

Our core business expertise is in the OEM, marketing and selling of a range of caring products under the brand name of 'xtracare' for our consumers. Our product line includes Nappi-pads, Baby Diapers, Wet Tissues, Adult Diapers to name a fews. We are looking to push ahead with an aggressive marketing and sales campaign to capture a sizeable mind share in the marketplace.

There are ambitious plans for a nationwide presence in the near future. A plethora of new products are in the pipeline to be launched. A highly experienced and qualified team in operations, marketing and sales is handling this venture.

We have plans of rapid expansion into product lines that 'care' not only for the child but also for the entire family, providing them the 'caring' environment that they have always wanted. That's the true 'Xtracare' philosophy!

Needless to say the future beckons us.
At Xtracare we believe that the sky is the limit!

Mission & Vision

Our Mission is to "Create & extend the unique benefits of various aspects of care using advanced technology to a global community of new age consumers, through retailing of our products to the doorsteps of our consumers through innovative practices in sales and distribution"

"In the end we want to provide a caring experience for the busy mother enabling her to bring out the best in her and her family providing them with physical & mental well being"

Xtracare brand vision is to "Aspire to be a Global Brand that champions the cause of care to everyone at large. To set world standards in creating a technologically and qualitatively superior product line in the area of caring" "Be the number one, in providing 'Whole Life' value to our employees so as to nurture their individual potential and aspirations and synthesize them towards creating an 'Organic' organization" and through this organization be the number one, in delivering 'Value' to our customers, with 'World Class products'. To be universally known as the company that truly understands care.

Our Corporate Values

Innovativeness, Quality, Fairness, Empathy and Economy

The consumer owns the brand - 'Xtra' Caring and Consumer Focus

We believe in meeting real needs for real consumers. All our products have been conceived and developed without overlooking even specific and minutest details of consumer expectations. The entire crafting, designing and packaging of our products have been done on the basis of consumer attitudes and behavior, which have been collected through our extensive market research programs. Apart from the products that we have already launched, our team is simultaneously working on developing several new products keeping consumer 'Care' in focus.

Together we stand - Our Teamwork

At Xtracare we firmly believe that two heads are always better than one. And only by thinking together can greater results be achieved. The entire team is oriented towards this unique sense of teamwork that binds people together. The same spirit gets passed into our business associates, vendors, channel partners and whoever comes in contact with us. This is the spirit with which we work at 'Xtracare'.

Quality is a journey - Constant improvement and innovation

At Xtracare we believe that only through constant innovation and improvement, can we continuously seek to delight our consumers. We have a robust and well developed (CFR) Consumer Feedback System and extensive Market Research Programs, to constantly monitor consumer satisfaction and incorporate changing needs and expectations into our products. For us, meeting consumer needs is a never-ending journey, which has just begun.

Our Commitment to Consumers

We believe in being responsible to our consumers and to understand their needs. Our ongoing feedback system gives us an opportunity to understand consumers better and relate to their needs and wants effectively. Subsequently we incorporate their suggestions into our product offering which makes our products the first choice in their minds. Every time a new product lie is considered, the customer is involved at every stage right from the design, crafting, and packaging to pricing.

We are a quality conscious organization believing in quality standards. Our quality standards are reviewed continuously and updated to match international norms to give our consumers quality products at a cost effective price. We stand for our commitment to caring for our consumers. That's what "Xtracare" is made of – Complete caring solutions! 

Our Commitment to Business Partners

It has been through our superstockists, distributors, marketing agencies and other business associates that we have been able to grow steadily and successfully in all markets that we have entered so far. Our working philosophy is to partner, guide, support and aid in placing the brand into retail outlets in a partnership approach. We have established our foothold in the southern states of Karnataka, Tamil Nadu, Kerala and Andhra Pradesh. We continue to grow in a mutually beneficial relationship with our business partners.

We have dedicated sales team to service and work with our business partners hand in hand in our ventures of distribution and marketing.

At Xtracare we take 'care' to be committed to the people we partner with! 

Our Commitment to Employees

Our value of commitment is not restricted only to our consumers and business partners but internally too - with our very own employees! We believe that a strong and sound foundation within the organization is what builds a successful team. Which is why we take 'care' to give our employees the right kind of training and development to enhance their skills and capabilities. Also our recruiting process ensures that we get the best-fit employee to match the job requirements.

Here's what some of our employees have to say:

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