Xtracare is more like a practicing philosophy... a culture than a business entity.

We have been conceived with the single-minded vision and focus towards providing quality and caring products to consumers at an affordable price. Over the months and years, we at Xtracare have constantly strived to deliver and uphold these values. Our product lines that 'care' are not only for the child but also for the entire family, providing them the caring environment that they have always wanted. That's our true philosophy!

Xtracare product line includes nappy pads, baby diapers, wet tissues, adult Diapers to name a few. A plethora of new products are in the pipeline to be launched and we believe that the sky is the limit!

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Baby Care

Xtracare diapers are made keeping your baby's utmost comfort in mind. With higher absorbancy and side guards as a standard feature in all our diaper range.

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Business Expertise

Our core expertise is in the OEM, marketing and selling of a range of caring products for the entire family.

We are looking to push ahead with an aggressive marketing and sales campaign to capture a sizeable mind share in the marketplace.

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We aim to help our customers enjoy every day, every occasion and we are happy to help you anytime. Be it an enquiry, feedback, complaint or trade enquiry, speak to our dedicated experts.

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